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Neon crash on close

  • Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: Helium.App.exe, Version: 0.5.492.0, Zeitstempel: 0x56f171ac
  • Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: KERNELBASE.dll, Version: 6.1.7601.18798, Zeitstempel: 0x5507b485
  • Ausnahmecode: 0xc0020001
  • Fehleroffset: 0x0000c42d
  • ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x15a0
  • Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d18511571e39c2
  • Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\Program Files (x86)\Imploded Software\Helium\Helium.App.exe
  • Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll
  • Berichtskennung: cce252dd-f104-11e5-bae7-f0afc85a91bd


Ok, a new build again:

This version should stop and free BASS before the automatic restart from Options is executed.

The log should look something like this:

2016-03-27 12:19:29.1764|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:setDeviceId: 0

2016-03-27 12:19:29.2084|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:WASAPI initiated (2)

2016-03-27 12:19:29.2084|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:BufferSize: 353152

2016-03-27 12:19:38.2384|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:Populate player took: 16

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7035|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:StopBass(1)

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7035|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:StopBass(2)

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7035|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:FreeBass(1)

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7035|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:FreeBass(2)-WASAPI

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7035|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:FreeBass(3)-After WASAPI

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7035|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:FreeBass(4)

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7035|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:FreeBass(5)

2016-03-27 12:19:42.7193|INFO|MyLogger|PlaylistBusiness:StopBass(3)

I'm away for some hours now but will view mails/posts later today again.


good work
I have now tested by 12-31-20 to 13-00-30
So it looks like everything seems to be fine.
It is very important that the right of working with Bass all resources are again Released place.

Ok am satisfied ..

Logs added.


Great testing Emil, thanks for the help to solve this one :)

I liked to do


last Build 506 Crash Neon again.

please check any Free Call after Change the Database.


Fixed in:

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