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not all covers are displayed

not all covers are displayed in Standard view (505)

 i have Pictures inside Folder.

Folder.jpg, Cover.jpg


Can you please upload a picture?

Does it happen with a specific picture only?

I tried this:

1) Created new database

2) Added a folder containing 10 files (no attached pictures), folder also contained folder.jpg

3) After the add was completed, one album were shown with the picture from folder.jpg attached.

>>Does it happen with a specific picture only?

no many Album-Folder not shown Covers


Can you please try to reproduce it this way:

1) Create new folder on disc, d:\musictemp

2) Copy the album folder hits88 into d:\musictemp\cds\disk7\hits\hits88\cd1

3) Create new database

4) Add the folder d:\musictemp

Please let me know if this will add a picture or not.

no Picture add and recursive Folder not added to Database.

also should add CD1 and CD2 not only CD1.


Fixed in:

This relates to the album handling in Neon/Helium previously mentioned but I have added a fix so that the picture should be recognized.

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