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missing Album

Album not added to Database

recursive search for Album not work.






CD2 are missing


you added all Files toHits88\CD1 not the Album self also Hits88\CD2



Are the files in cd2 valid? Neon will exclude non valid files. I can send you a version with detailed logging tomorrow.

confused :)
Should that not be so?
if folder multiple folders exist in an album
then all the songs to be added to the album folder
Or add the order to the album folder as an album

TRex / CD1
TRex / CD2


All files in TRex


other one please See


This works as designed due to how albums are handled in Neon.

The album field for this album contained two different values "Hits 88 CD1" and "Hits 88 CD2".

Since they are located under a common parent folder and follows a path naming with a CD suffer, the album handling logic will handle this like it did; group it to one album and use the first found name.

More details about the album handling can be found here:

(It's even more refined in Neon, but no documetation is available yet)

To solve it, simply do this:

1) Add the album

2) Open a Tag editor and change the album name to "Hits 88", use the CD fields to indication what CD the specific file relates to

3) Apply changes

The album will now be renamed in the database, and files will more uniquely be connected to a specific cd.

Hope this explains the logic.

>>This works as designed due to how albums are handled in Neon.

>>To solve it, simply do this:

No, sorry i will not Change my Files depend on Handle Albums in Neon that is not logic for me

and my own Player.

It work also as handled in Neon, then no bug and solved.


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