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Focus of the playlist will not function correctly.

Focus der Playliste funktioniert nicht korrekt.
Doppelklick auf Header spielt aktuelles Lied immer von vorn


Focus of the playlist will not function correctly.
Double-clicking on Header always Plays current song from the beginning


I cannot force this to happen, can you please send a screenshot illustrating this?

i can not illustrating without Teamviewer.

a Picture not help here.


I have no TeamViewer access today. Can you do a screen recording with Jing or a similar application?

i have send a Picture on a other thread i hope that help

i have not jing (Teamviewer is free) ;)


Thanks I will test it further. 

Jing is also free btw :)

I need to setup Teamviewer because I have it not installed and I'm not at my home machine during today. 

Possibly I can check it tomorrow.

>>Possibly I can check it tomorrow.

should be better


Is this the same as: ? 


the same Trouble on other place also Header of Playliste

should only wotk if doubleclick in the playlist self. Or?


also all doubleclick  goes to the list (Focus or Event issue? )



the same Trouble with right-Mousedown

Edit Tags Menu allways Show on every Position from the Listbox

Header, List, VScroll, HScroll and so on..

any is wrong.


Related to:

yes :)


now works as it should

Thank you...


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