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V-HScroll Trouble

V-HScroll spielt aktuelles Lied neu bei doppelklick
In verbindung mit Focus der Playliste?


V-HScroll plays current song new to doppelklick
In connection with the Focus playlist?

Please attach screenshots or a movie describing this, I'm not following where this happens and how it should behave.

doubleclick on Thumb/up/Down/right/left (Scrollbars) and the song Play from beginning

you can nothing see on Pictures.


I cannot seem to reproduce this, not sure if I'm doing it from the correct view.

Can you please add a screenshot?

>>Can you please add a screenshot?

what your want to do with a Picture you can not see if doubleclick on VScroll.


Ok Picture


Can you do a screenrecording and share?

I'm not sure where you are clicking (view/control)

I think I have been able to reproduce it, I will analyse it further. 


anywhwere the red arrow are put

doubleclick here..


Reproduced and moved to our internal support forum since it involved a 3rd party component.

also not solved or?


Not yet solved, I will need to await the answer from the component vendor.

Please retest with:

now works as it should

Thank you...


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