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Smoother movement on the waveform seekbar

Update the slider multiple times a second, to get a smooth movement. (I think 5 times should be enough.)

i mean should be in realtime ;)


Please test with this version:

Also, please watch the CPU usage! (the refresh runs each 125 ms)

Core Quad Q9650 3 GHZ

2 > 3% of CPU usage..

no stutter or other Trouble


Great, that's the same results I got on my machine (even when running on RDP) :)

create it with 25ms i think should work

after that i will test again


Try with:

About 6.5-6.9% CPU on my machine

yes with 160px i have the same result..

so i think you can add Realtime = 16ms

give the user a try how change it self depend on own Machine so you has no Trouble with it.

also from 16 > 125ms


I'll fixa a new version later today where you can configure the update speed from helium.json

Test with:


1) Start Neon

2) Close Neon

3) You can now modify WaveformUpdateInterval in helium.json to set a custom interval. (Default = 100 when 0 is set)

i can live with 16ms

and works


That's great, thanks a lot. BTW 50ms is good enough for me on full-hd resolution.


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