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Update Library not work properly

1. First Database create

2. my Album Name is [[[ Raper Collection ]]]

3. Lock all available Tags only Album not, so can Change all Albums on the fly with Tags Editor

4. new Album Name = Die Hit Giganten - Radioklassiker

5. Close Neon

6. Replace on Harddrive all my Files which i have Change so the Album Name should now back to [[[ Raper Collection ]]]

7. Open Neon

8. Update Library activate all available Checkboxes.

9. After Scan the Album Name [[[ Raper Collection ]]] will never back

i see also  again Die Hit Giganten - Radioklassiker

The Album Name never Change to back.


Reproduced, thanks.

Take 16 hour how can read the Bug Report ;) :)

too few Moderators ? (ok is fun)


after create the Database new that Trouble are gone and the Album Name are correctly


Please retest with:

now works as it should


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