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sorting Track gain ASC DESC with gap

If i enable the column Track gain and sort the library with it, i get a gap between 

- 0.00999999....



Ok, it is somehow zero when there is no information but the information is missing so it should be a NULL-value?

Can you please provide a screenshot for this?

ok :)


Thanks I will test to inject a 0 instead of the empty value

If i calculate Album and Track gain of those missing values, the database is not getting updated, doesn't matter if in the tracks is already a Gain or not.

Please try this version:

Ok, now there is a zero "0" for all the values which were blank before. This suggests that there is already a value. Is it maybe possible to replace this with a "-" ? 

The errors for calculating album and Track gain are gone (as fas as i can see) and the values are written to the file.

the only thing which is not updated after the script is are the values in the Tracks View, only after a restart oh Neon.


Please try this build:

This build will show a - instead of a 0.

I could not reproduce the update issue, please report this as a new separate issue.


Sorry but the download link is not working

Please test again.

The missing tag is shown correctly as "-", thanks. I will further test the update issue.

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