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parallelize processing of conversion and calculation tasks

Can you please add the possibility to parallelize the tasks for different actions?

Splitting of one audio file takes way to long, also because it happens in the foreground. It should be optional, but with 8 cores and a SSD it does make sense to speed things up ;)

A simple option of how many tasks in parallel can be done would do it, e.g.

8 cores = max 8 threads, with on/off in the dialog ?

The split function is using a decode channel of the sourcefile to generate the splitted files which makes it more complex to do on separated cores.

The function itself is fully executed in the background, although we are showing a UI for it.

I did some tests with this and at the moment this cannot be achived because of a blocking 3rd party component.

We will keep watching this topic for future releases.

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