Build helium_0.6.579.0.exe now available

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  • Now tool to download multiple album pictures at once, available from TOOLS > Pictures > Download album pictures... This tool will be enabled for all views with an album view and transfer the actual (and even filtered) list of albums to this tool. From there simply select which albums you would like to download pictures for. The tool will use all available plug-ins and all available CPU cores for downloading. After the downloading is complete you will be able to browse through the results per album and finally select to apply them (database only, not tags). It is recommended to use filters to reduce the number of input albums to the tools to get a better picture of what to work with, but it should support *many* items.
  • Improvements to the Discogs plug-in to generate more album picture matches
  • TLS 1.2 support for Discogs plug-in
  • ¬†Support for dropping files from explorer to albums/artists/labels to quickly apply a picture from file.
  • Corrections to grouping logic for Album details
  • When a picture is updated in album or artist details, the change will be applied to the background picture (if shown)

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