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Add artist pictures from folder

I have a folder with thousands of artist pictures named "%artist%.jpg" - now I want to link the appropriate artists to these pictures.

Right now, this is a pain in the a$&. I need a function to check all files from a single folder, if there's an according artist in the database. (Or the other way around: look for all artists, if there's an corresponding picture available - but I guess this is not the best practice for large databases...)

Maybe the function needs an option to link only artists, which actually are not linked to a picture.

Possibly the scripting engine could be updated with a Artist.UpdatePicture(string filename) method?

This way you could easily write a script which iterates over the artists and update pictures.

A new script as well as some new script functions are available for this in build helium_12.0.3.0.exe.

The script is named ArtistsPictures and you can of course tweak it more if you need.

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