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Cannot start Neon build

I cannot start build - I get a crash report, but Neon does not completely start up.

The log only shows these two rows:

2016-05-26 11:52:44.4287|INFO|MyLogger|PlayQueueBuisiness:Closing(1)
2016-05-26 11:52:44.4287|INFO|MyLogger|PlayQueueBuisiness:Closing(2)


Great to hear, thanks for testing!

Fixed. Thank you.


Please retest with:

I found a bug in the upgrade database scripts which most likely caused this.

I might have found something.... I'll let you know soon.

Still the same with this release - with or without "helium.json"...

What happens if you try with the most recent version?

If it does not work, try to delete helium.json and check if it works.

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