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I wonder if we could done the same for videos as we did for single tracks.

Single tracks are shown under other tracks in artist view. Videos are not really played (as pictures/film mpg etc.) by helium. Why can't we put them under another folder like this?

Helium is really not designed to support videos at all, and they should not be added during the add process.

Which kind of video filetypes did you managed to add to your Library? Can you share some examples we can analyse further?


 Please see attached. All what has no cover is videofile like avi or mpg.

(594 KB)

Thanks for the picture, but I wonder how you managed to add any AVI or MPG files using the add tool?

This should be blocked by filters, did you do any specific to achive this?

normal adding process. like in all helium version before too


I could not reproduce this (which is the correct behavior).

I tested this:

1) Created a folder d:\_videos

2) Added one AVI file to the folder

3) Added another MPG file to the folder

4) Started the Add files tool and selected the foler

No files were added to the database, as expected.

Which exact steps did you perform?

I tested this:

1) Created a folder d:\A-ha

2) copied all a-ha data into this folder (album, singles, videos)

3) Added this folder to new database.

4) all videos have been added.


Can you please do this with a SQL compact database and share that database with me?


 here it is

There's a single MP4 and lots of M4A files added to your database - all M4A files should be renamed to MP4, since M4A is only to be used for audio files (MPEG-4 Audio)

The MP4 files might include a video stream, but does not have to. I don't know if there's an easy and quick way to check this, before adding these files...
These are all videos!


(466 KB)

I think that the video files became added because of the M4A extension, just as Sven said, M4A = MPEG 4 Audio.

Can you share a link to one of these videos so that I can see if some external checks can be done to avoid adding of these files?

Some checks are already added but depending on which ATOMs (frames in a m4* file) the file contains, the current solution might not be enough.

OK, now I can see. Helium 12 did not add the mpgs ...


No, and that's correct. If they were added in earlier version it was a bug, since there's no functionallity implemented related to videos :)

But to improve this, please share one of your M4A videos so I can do further tests with it.


 Yes, now I am ready. Did you receive the link?

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