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Crash on startup when no playback device is present

At work i use a DAC and if its not turned on or plugged in, the speaker symbol in the task bar shows a red X, because no other playback device is active. When i start Neon it crashes immediately. This happens also when i install Neon on my VM where no Audio device is present.

Do you know if I can simulate the same case from a "real" machine ?

if you right click on you speaker symbol and choose Playback devices, then this dialog should show up (see attachment)

If you disable the devices, you can turn them on again by right click into the window and select "show disabled"

it seems to work with the newest version, i'll investigate further what caused the crash.

Thanks, I'll try that!

Sorry, it seems that this not the issue.
I even uninstalled all drivers for the sound devices on my normal pc and it's not the same behaviour.

I put my VM in another network and sent you both crash reports, i hope you got them.

The error you reported occured because of a resource loading problem (internally raised) and did not relate to any access of your soundcard.

This might relate to how the actual VM itself is configured.

Ok i made serval tests.

It always crashes on Windows 10 in a VM, no matter what hosting type it is (qnap, vm workstation, virtualbox).

I installed now Win 8.1 on my Qnap and after getting all the updates it's working.. finally :D

Sorry but i don't have any clue why or what this is causing.

This will need to be something to test further at a later time. It might still be related to the virtualized machines. Did you test with Hyper-V?

I currently don't have access to the hyper-v machines.

You can get a Hyper-v from:

I did a quick test with a Win10 VM and it worked OK for me so this might be something with other VM's.

Temporarily closed due to no success in reproduction. If it will appear form other users also, we will reopen this case.

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