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Selected Album not playing continual

After select a Album for Playing Album not playing continual..

changed self then to other.


Hi Emil,

I've tried to reproduce this the following way:

1) From Releases view, hovered an album and selected to play it

2) Waited for track 1 to complete

3) After that track 2 was started as expected

I tested with one MP3 album and one album with FLAC files.

Did you do anything different when you encountered the problem?

i am go to the Screen where one Album cover is shown and the Lyrics field on the right side.

Also i shown one Album.

1. After that click on the Play button without select any from the List.

the last Album which i have used is playing not that whcih i have select.

2 If click on a song this Playing correctly from selected Album.

3, If the File finish then the last Album will Playing not this continual.


Thanks for the additional information Emil, unfortunately I'm still not able to reproduce this.

I tested it this way:

1) Cleared the play queue

2) Played one album (Album A) from the Releases view and check the play queue that all tracks were added

3) From the releases view, double clicked another album (Album B)

4) From the cover in the upper left, hovered the image and clicked the Play icon. Track 1 from album B started to play

5) Skipped to near the end and waited for the track to end

6) When the track ended, track 2 from album B started to play

i can send a Screenshot

that Problem is i am not willing wait 24 Hour how see my thread again with the Picture.

i can reproduce it allways..

if Play a file from a new Album

after that is finish the Old Album Play then as sample from yesterday.


Can you please send screenshots for each step you perform (also please from the Play queue so that I can see what data that's added)?

I will approve the screenshots as soon as they are posted.


why Play my Album Backstreet Boys and after the first File is finish

then Change to Abba?

that is what i mean.


I'm not exactly sure which steps you perform to achive this, please see above how I tried to reproduce it (I might have missed anything)?

Do you have auto-enqueue enabled?

>>Do you have auto-enqueue enabled?



I'm still guessing as I haven't seen the contents of your Play queue, but I'll try to explain:

1) Starting with an empty Play queue, play one album (Album A) from the releases view

2) View the play queue, all tracks from album A are added and should show a dot in the first column, meaning that they are manually enqueued

3) Go to the details of album B and double-click the first track

4) Open play queue. You should now see that track 1 from album B is added as the second entry and marked as manual with a dot. The rest of the fiels are added after Album's files without a dot meaning that they are automatically queued.

The logic is designed to work like this since if you only would like to play a certain track from an album by double-clicking it, it will be inserted in the play queue and manual items remains below it so that an original queue is not detroyed (usefull at parties for example when lots of users tend to request their tracks).

To avoid this you can instead of double-clicking the first track play it like I described - by hovering the album at the top and hit the play button.

All fiels from the album will then be enqueued and marked manually enqueued.

Please note that this logic may be extended soon, this is something we are reviewing (possibility to clear queue etc).

ok then it is as designed my fault

getting used to ;)

after clear the Playlist the Album is added to Playlist and all files are playing now as should.


Good to hear that you got it to work. We are working on documentation of this which will explain more in detail as well as possible extending.

>>We are working on documentation of this which will explain more in detail as well as possible extending.

Ok Thank you..


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