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optional pre-caching

It is mostly working good and smooth, but if my server is under heavy load and more than 3 people are listening, the conversion process takes very long. (~ 1 min per track was the record, i have only a Intel i3)

Would it be possible to include pre caching of tracks somehow? 

I think just 2 or 3 ahead of the play queue would be far enough, since it's a really smooth experience with the web interface.

Additionally to this.. i think playlists could be also be pre converted, because they are played more often than random tracks. It would also speed up the process when i want to transfer those files (e.g. send playlist to my smartphone), or did i misunderstand that?

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It's fully possible to add support for pre-transcoding. We will consider when we have the possibility to add such a feature.

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Did this somehow get into the planned features?


This is not currently in our plan, sorry. I have moved this to the feature request forum and set the status to "Deferred". We regularly look into these forums to bring up features with this status to our next version. This way you will stay updated on the status.

If we decide on not implementing a feature we will change the status to "Not Taken".

Having a lot of FLAC- and OGG-files, this is the most important missing feature to me...
It's really not nice to wait half a minute between two tracks. ;-)


A year went by and I still have lots of annoying pauses between tracks...

Any plans to implement this in the near future?

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