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More tabs needed in search results

I'm doing an advanced search for "release type IS album OR release type IS anthology" - but all I get is a damn list of tracks...

So we need a tab "Releases" in search results.

There might even be other tabs good to have:

* When I want to know which artists have been part of a compilation in 2016 ("release type IS compilation AND release year IS 2016"), I would need to have "Artists"
* When I want to search my DB for all artists that I have live performances from ("release type IS live performance"), I would need to have "Album artists".

Can be possible, since the "normal" search works like that.

Implementing it in the advanced search will mean a performance penalty though, hence it needs to be analysed further (as well as to see if it's possible to use the dynamically build SQL statements with releases)

Implemented in helium_12.0.14050.0.exe

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