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Multi-user support for artist pictures

Right now pictures are stored for all users - this means that another user might destroy my hardly searched and edited pictures.
It would be great, if pictures could become user-related data.

We would need a (I won't say small) database update:

Create tblartist_x_pictures:
ArtistXPicturePK | Artist_ID | User_ID | PicturePath | PictureSettings

Move ArtistPicturePath and PictureSettings from tblartists into this new table for all known users (or maybe only the logged in user?).

Cached files would be renamed from art_%Artist_ID% to art_%ArtistXPicturePK%

This would also pave the way for multi-pictures per user as a step beyond - maybe with a slideshow as background?! Not really necessary for me, though it would be a nice feature! ;-)
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