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Last Workspace

please is available open (start) Helium

with the last Workspace which i have used before Neon Close.


The main views should be remembered between sessions, is it any specific view you are missing?

Play queue view.

Thanks. Play queue will be fixed for next release, details views are not yet remembered, might be in future releases (it's in the backlog)

Just for clarification: that's just what I miss, I can't tell if EWeiss misses anything else. ;-)

Play queue fixed in 14065. Detail pages might appear later as earlier mentioned.

Play queue view remains active now, thank you.

>>Just for clarification: that's just what I miss, I can't tell if EWeiss misses anything else. ;-)

meine frage war
Ob die letzte Einstellung des aktuellen Fensters beim nächsten Start erhalten bleibt.


my question was
Whether the last setting of the current window remains at the next start

the answher from Mikael..

>>The main views should be remembered between sessions.

so the question is answered as NO

was soll ich dann noch sagen :)

what should I say


Wenn ich dich richtig verstehe, dann willst du nach einem Neustart also nicht nur in der letzten Ansicht landen, sondern auch alle Filter wie in der letzten Session gesetzt haben?


So, if I understand you correctly, you don't only want to get the last view after a restart, but also all filters set as in the last session?


Well, not a bad idea. Especially "album artist" is a filter I sometimes would like to see enabled after restarting...

Maybe you can create a "last-state.json" when closing Neon?

Keine Ahnung ob das abhängig von den Filtern ist.

Normal startet Helium mit der Releases Ansicht.

Wenn ich nun nach Play Queue umschalte inklusive Visualisierungs Window dann möchte ich beim nächsten Start auch diese Ansicht haben.


Not sure if that is dependent on the filters.
Normal starts helium with the release view.
If I after the SHIFT Play Queue including visualization window then I would also have this view at the next start.

Google Translator ;)


Hm, genau das funktioniert für mich mit der letzten Version...

1. Starte Neon
2. Öffne die Play Queue (ich habe immer Lyrics & Visualisierung offen)
3. Schließe Neon
4. Starte Neon

Jetzt solltest du die Play Queue genau so sehen, wie du sie vorher verlassen hast.

Was noch nicht funktioniert sind die Detail-Seiten und Filter.


Well, exactly this works for me with the latest release...

1. Start Neon

2. Open play queue (I've always open the information pane with lyrics and visualization)

3. Close Neon

4. Start Neon

You should now see the play queue, just as you left it.

Not working are detail pages and filters.

Ahhh.. yes i have test it and works as Should for me..

Now start the Vis also automaticaly after play a file and all is good.. ;)


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