Build helium_12.0.14068.0.exe now available

Download from


  • Bugfix: Legend item could appear duplicated in filetype statistics
  • Bugfix: Navigating back from "Played on this day page" did not worked properly
  • Albumversion field added to rename engine, scripting and user columns
  • New statistics: Playing trends based on todays date. Double-click an item to drill down into the playing history of that day
  • UI fixes in various settings pages
  • Bugfix: Light theme fixes for icons on Played on this day page
  • Bugfix: Equalizer open states (could appear inactive when activated)
  • Sortorder improvements on Artists page
  • Beta version has now expiry dates
  • If Neon is closed from a detail page (release, artist, label, track) this specific page will be remembered during the next start
  • It is now possible to have up to three expressions in the global filter which can be combined with boolean operators. 

Still not an officiall release so it will not be available via the update checker.

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