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Tag editor (spreadsheet) and language tag

The tag editor does not read the language tag. This does not work for MP3 and Vorbis files.

So I tried to manually add the language back to the tags - this does not work for Vorbis files.

The advanced tag editor does not have these problems.


Not fixed for me...

If I try to edit the language of an MP3 file, the tag editor now reads the language tag - but does not save my changes.

If I try to edit the language of an Vorbis file, the tag editor also reads the language tag, but instead of saving my changes, it erases the language tag.

Most likely caused by the git rebase accident that crashed the earlier build.

Please retest with:



i have a problem with taging, in version 11 i could take the informations with copy and past from the path that will be shown. In the version 12 that i could not, so i must write the Tag Informations by hand,


We will add this feature in our next build Wolfgang. Thanks for the feedback.

i`m missing "untagged items"


@Wolfgang: Please report feature requests into that forum. Untagges items does not relates to this topic. Thanks.
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