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Determination of discography

How do you determine the releases shown in the discography?

I thought it would be a simple Album artist check, but that seems not to be the way you do.

Here's why I'm asking:

I have an album "Various artists for the masses", which is full of Depeche Mode titles reinterpreted by various artists.

I have tagged this album with album artist = Depeche Mode and release type = "Tribute to" (one of my custom types), since I wanted to see it in Depeche Mode's Discography - but it does not show up in there.

Best Answer

It should be a check for album artist only.

Can you please share a database with this setup so that we can review it further?

Here's a small database with only the mentioned album:

Thanks for the database.

This structure contains a rare case:

1) The album has an album artist which as no actual tracks in the database

2) Because of the above, the artist will not show up in artists view (total items = 0)

3) When the discography is fetched for the aritst details page, the same logic is applied - fetch albums which has actual tracks from the artist

This will of course needs to be improved for the artist detail page somehow. We will analyse this further.

Great. Thanks a lot.


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