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Orphaned artists

What happened to orphaned artists?

I'm pretty sure they have been supported in an earlier version (on my request)...

This is a very important feature to keep track of group members! There are 5168 orphaned artists in my Helium 11 database...

This should work as implemented earlier, that part of the code should not have changed since it was originally implemented.

The Artists view will not show orphaned artists, it requires artists with 1 or more tracks, but you should be able to:

1) Access group members, similar artists etc via artist details

2) Have a situatio like the tribute to thing that was enhanced the other day, when you have an artist with no actual tracks but the artist is an album artist, then it will be linked to.

If you have some specific case that does not work, please let us know.

Well, the artists and relations will be created in the database, but they don't show up in Neon anymore.

Clicking in artists details on "Group members", only the artists with at least one track are shown...
Editing the artist, only the artists with at least one track are shown in "Group members" tab...
Can you please share a small db where this happenen (over email) and if possible let me know which version of Neon this worked with.
Here's a small database:

Here's what I do:
1) Start Neon
--> Neon should not be in artist details of "The Cure", if it is please open release or artist view and restart Neon!!!
2) Open artists view
3) Double click "The Cure"
4) Edit artist
--> No group members are shown
5) Click on "Group members"
--> No group members are shown
6) Click back (to get back to artists details)
7) Restart Neon
8) Edit artists
------> Group members are shown?????

The last step is really odd, that's the only way I could find the group members: when the groups details have been active on startup and editing the artist is the first thing I do...

Unfortunately I don't know which version this has been working in, I just realized this by accident...
The last mail, I could find about this, linked to build

Thanks Sven. I will do more testing on this and try to see how it behaved with an old version as well.

Implemented in:

The problem was caused by the global filter, which was introduced after this feature was implemented.

The following now works:

1) Open The Cure detail page, click on Group members works 

2) Open The Cure detaiil page, Edit artist > Group members should be populated

3) When switching database, last known view will be cleared

Working again. Thank you.

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