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Linking custom columns

I just realized, that there's no easy way for me to get to track details, when I'm using custom columns.

It would be great, when custom columns could be linked.

I guess, linking to the first field used in the template, would be good enough.

This is a bit harder than it might seem to be because a logic engine needs to created which can be used to determinate:

1) If the field can be linked (e.g. title can, mood cannot)

2) What the field should be linked to (title = track details, album = album)

3) see if this will affect performance.

Because of this, I will set this report to defered state.

I never said this would be easy... ;-)

2) The link would be the same as the default columns link to.

Not possible at the moment, might be reopened at a later time.

What about a manual selection of the linked page in the options dialog (see attached picture).

The only thing you would need to do, is check if the selected page is possible with the selected fields.

I would think about doing it this way:

1. User edits the template and selects a page to link to

2. User clicks OK

3. Helium now checks, if the selected page goes with the fields used in template

4a. If yes, the selected page will be used

4b. If no, the selected page will be removed


This might be a possible solution, but I feel like it might be a bit unclear and hard to understand for the end-users.

It is a more complex feature though so it might not be a big issue though.

Low-prio though.

Well, it is a big issue for me...

I've created a custom title column, and it replaces the original title column in all tables.
So there's only a single way left to see the "Track details" page - the artist's statistics. And there are only a few tracks listed... (And this is only possible, because I can't edit this view to use my custom column ;-) )

The same might be relevant to do for the three nowdays custom lines of information in the player as well.

Implemented in:

The following links are available:


-Artist (will take the first artist if multiple)


-Label details

-Release details

-Track details

This doesn't work for me - I've set up three custom columns:
1. Titel, {{title}}{ ({subtitle})}{ [{remix}]}, Track details
2. Album, {{album}}{ ({albumsubtitle})}{ [{albumversion}]}, Release details
3. #, {{cd(2)}}'{{track(2)}}, None

None of them are linked in play queue view, docked play queue and release details...

Linking is currently only applied in Track lists (tracks view, playlists, genres, years and search results).

Does it work from there?

Almost, I will open new tickets...


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