Build helium_12.0.14115.0.exe now available

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  • Word replacement, capitalizer settings imported from Helium 11 during a migration
  • Fixes for Run script
  • Biography in artist details can display basic formatting, <b>, <i> and <u>
  • Bugfixes for artist relations
  • Split modes shows icons for expand and background options
  • Bugfix for Copy to album picture to folder
  • Bugfix in enqueue logic
  • Background options channges in splitmodes are now properly reflected to the view
  • Bugfix for column order between sessions
  • Improvements to Optimize database tool for SQL CE
  • Possibility to set a specific path to the image cache for a database either when created or upon creation (SQL Server and MySql)
  • Visualization fixes and updated DLLs
  • Bugfixes reported to ExceptionLess 

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