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Statistics->File type and added trends: lines for file types stop early

I would expect to see the lines up to the end of the graph.

They are based on the last date items of the specific type were added so at the moment this is correct (no change for now)

Hm, OK, well, you know... still looks odd...

Looking at the graph, it seems as I have removed all Ogg vorbis files a few weeks ago...

My graph also has the same problem. It leads to wrong conclusions and it doesn´t look nice also.
What we want to see here is not "the last date items were added", but the growing curve and proportion between file types along the time.
A filetype could even decrease, and I would expect it to reflect on the graph. But I know this is a more complex solution. So, is it possible to implement something like:

For the more recent date in the graph, each file type line assume "the last date items were added" value?

Well, you may think it is ok for you, since it also gives the additional idea when file type were last added. As Sven M., I would prefer it to be implemented with all lines finishing in the most recent date. Always.

@Infusion: Please avoid to post new feature requests to closed/solve issues.

At the moment we wil not change the current implementation and we have no plans to show "decreasing filetypes". That scenario should only happen if you remove all files from a type from your library.

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