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user rights

Will there be a "admin" and normal user level?

Right now everyone can do everything :)

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Yes, this is planned, but it will mostly not appear before the 1st official release will be out.

Quite some time ago, any news on this? Since it's an official release now ;)

We are actually review this one for 12.4 which will be the next bigger update.

What we have in our mind is to made it work similar to how it was implemented in Helium 11, with possibility to limit the possible commands that a specific user can execute.

If you have any additional input about this feature, please let us know.

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Thank you very much.

From my point of view, a simple enable/disable of functions is way enough.e.g.:

- allowed to add music

- allowed to modify tags/pictures/information

- ...

The most important thing is not be able to delete the collection in the music streamer.

I'd be glad to test this functionality if needed

A first version of this is now available in our most recent test version.

Anyone that's interested in testing this feature, please contact us via

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