Build helium_12.0.14131.0.exe now available

Download from


  • Fixes to importing to a SQL CE database
  • Portugeese language support
  • Corrections to artist summary logic during adding/updates
  • Minor fixes to the query engine (Advanced searches, Smart playlists, Auto enqueue)
  • Reported bugfixes
  • Appname changed to Helium 12 (see below, IMPORTANT!)


The application folder name has been changed in this version to Helium 12 instead of Helium.

This change was neccesary to be able to support future paralllell version.

Therefore, before installing this version we recommend:

1) Backup any json files you like to keep

2) Perform a full uninstall of the current versions. Be sure to delete remaining files.

3) Install the new version

4) Restore any backed up manually files into C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium 12

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