Build helium_12.0.14160.0.exe now available

Download from


  • EQ presets not overwritten upon version upgrade
  • Label and release year are linked in the Music Explorer
  • Music explorer > Library fixes for MySql
  • Remap path fixes for MySql, performance optimizations for SQL Compact and SQL Server
  • Double-click in Music Explorer could previously return an error
  • Context menu for Music Explorer > Libraries. The following commands are available: Copy (also via Ctrl+C), Move (available on levels below the root drive), Rename (mapped to F2, available on levels below the root drive), Remove folder (available on levels below the root drive, mapped to DL) and Explore path, 

This version is not available from the update checker, we plan to release it tomorrow if the testing seems to be OK.
We have plans for more Music Explorer context menues, but these will most likley be implemented after the first official release.

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