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I'm sorry, but somhow I can't seem to find the report-functionality anymore. Is it hidden somewhere or has this feature been dropped in 12 ? 

It's disappointing.


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Scripting might be a bit hard to start with, but just as you says, what you are looking for can be achived with a script.

In the next update (will be available during this weekend) you can for example select an artist, select All tracks and then create a list with all of the albums the artist comes from.

From the next release you will also be able to get all data from the database via SQL from a script, meaning that you can access all data that's exsting.

Possibly we might create one of these reports during the next week to demonstrate the usage of SQL from scrips and publish in the scripts forum.

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Hi Michael,

>>What I still don't look through at the moment is, where - meaning on which view, and based on what selection - the scripts should work. 

This is up-to how each script is written and therefore up to the author to include information about in the script.

Unfortunately this might not clear in the current scripts, sorry for that but they are still work-in-progress.

It works like this because data can be fetched in various ways via the script engine:

-Selected tracks

-All albums in the active view (if it contains albums)

-All artists in the active view (if it contains artists)

-All albums in the database (possibly filtered also via a script)

-All artists in the database (possibly filtered also via a script)

Some scripts (housekeeping scripts for examples) completely ignores which view you are in so it is not always view/selection dependant.

We will make sure that this is more clear for the default scripts.

>> The latest script ArtistList for example only works, when you are in the artist detailed view, 

No, that's not correct. It works for any view showing artists for example the artist view, where it accepts filtering (try to reduce the number of items with filters).

It also works from search results (artists page), genre page (artists page) for example.

>>It's very hard to find out with trial and error (which I did during the weekend) when a script can be applied, and when it will just produce empty output. 

>>Shouldn't the scripts work on all views?

Please see above, we will fix this and also add these to the script guide lines that it should be mentioned where the script can be used from.

The thing is that the scripts allows for much more functionallity than just working with files/albums/artists which makes scripts powerful, versatile but also a little complex.

Hope this clarifies it a bit more.

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Well, for a first step, I would really like to know how to mark more than 1 release at a time, so I can produce something with a script, that has more than just 1 album as output. Can't figure out how it is done in 12.


Thanks for your feedback Michael.

We are testing a solution right now to fetch the current albums (or even artists) for the actual view.

Out of curiosity, can you please let us know a little more of how you are using todays "Print reports"?

-Which type of reports are you printing?

-Which destination format (PDF, Excel etc) are you using?

-What are you using the reports for?

Any additional information are welcomes, the more we get to know, the better we can create the new reporting engine.

Thanks in advance.

Hi agian,

I use one report, that extracts the album-picture, album-artist, album-title, year, total-tracks and total-timing. It displays the picture on the left, the text-fields on the right side. This report I save as pdf.

I also use a simple report, that extracts just album-artist, year and album-title linewise, which I save as xlsx-file. This is mainly to keep track, because sometimes I can't remember, if I have got a certain album (or a special edition) yet or not.

At times I have also used the CD-Cover-Report. This one I saved as pdf and printed, when I created a CD-R for the car.

The first 2 reports I use to create quaterly on a (rather) regualary basis, the third one just occassionaly. I can't remember who created the first report though - the others are standard I believe. I think I downloaded it from the former German Helium-Fans-forum, but I can't tell for sure.

All the best and thanks for your interest.


Thanks for your additional information  Michael, we will take this information with us when we will analyse the requirements for implementing this feature.

Btw. is it anything you especially missing in todays Print report feature?

If I were a bit better at scripting, I would have implement an additional report myself, that selects the artists and prints artist-picture, name, birth- and death-dates, bio, and then all the albums of the artist in the collection, similar to what can be seen on the artist-view page in Helium. I know there were reports focusing on the artists as well offered, but the results were not that convincing, so I didn't use them in the end.


Wow - sounds cool!
Thanks for that!


Thanks for your efforts.
I've tried the scripts, and it is something, I can work on.

What I still don't look through at the moment is, where - meaning on which view, and based on what selection - the scripts should work. The latest script ArtistList for example only works, when you are in the artist detailed view, and there only in the tracks-tab, with all tracks selected. It's very hard to find out with trial and error (which I did during the weekend) when a script can be applied, and when it will just produce empty output.

Shouldn't the scripts work on all views? What if you want to produce a list, let's say just album-title and album-artist. Wouldn't you start at the "entiry library"-tab from the Music-Explorer-View? That's all not very clear at the moment, so is this just a "beta-thingy", or will there be a tutorial, where we can learn, how and on what views and screens a cetain script can be applied?


Thanks for clarfication


The old feature "Print Report" is currently not available in Helium 12.

We have not migrated that tool since it was very old, and it was not a feature that was well used when we did our survey about one year ago.

That does not mean it is gone forever though, if it will get requested, we will of course prioritize it.

Other lists such as text-files, HTML reports, CVS lists and such can be generated via scripts in Helium 12.

Two templates are included with the installer and these can be customized easily to show the preferred data.

A first version of this script can be downloaded from here:

Please note that Helium 12 version 14184 is required to run this script.

The styling is very basic, feel free to improve it further.

Okay, I found the scripts.
But, well, somehow you can't get a nice report that way. First problem - how to select more than 1 album (now called release)? Can't find out how it is done.
So how can I create now, based on a query or some selected releases (or artists) a report, that can be safed as PDF-file? Seems impossible now.


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