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Release sorting does not work

Even after a restart the "wrong" sorting is used...

Does Best of equals to the "Custom 2" release type?

Ah, damn, should have switched to english...

Best of equals Anthology.


Ok, thanks :) Then I can test it properly on English :)

I tried to reproduce this with build:

When I changed the ordering as described (using English), I got the following result (without restarting):

If you change to English, will it work then?

Switching to english does not change a bit...

It's even worse on another artist:

And it's getting even worser than worse:

 A third artist shows Live performance in the first place...

Please send me a database for which this can be reproduced with.


Here's a small database with only the above mentioned artists.

I have also removed my helium.json, but still get the same result.


Reproduced, thanks

Please retest with:

Due to the grouping of albums on an artist detail page, the default album sorting cannot be applied to that page, instead Releases ordering will be prioritized.

This has been updated in the help document (Option) also.



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