Build helium_12.0.14231.0.exe now available

Download via the update checker.

See the update checker information for changes/fixes

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Thanks for the update, but changing to Swedish doesn't work. I can use English so no problem.


Hi Carl, please retry with build 14231 just released over the update checker.

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Language German..

Do use Ansicht\Visualisierungen... then starte\Stoppe Visualisierungen.


The first Menu entry is Visualisierungen also why then starte\Stoppe Visualisierungen. again?

should all be changed to

start\Stop without (Visualisierungen)

Konfiguaration without (Visualisierungen)

Vorhandene Plugins


Trenne Datei ... No, No

Datei aufteilen...


>>Konfiguaration without (Visualisierungen)

sorry Konfiguration ;)


I do not dare to answer what's right/wrong here Emil, since I have not made the German translation.

Please open a discussion about that in Helium 12 > General ( since it has not to do with the release itself.

ok ;)


Swedish working now, thanks Mikael.


Great to hear Carl, thanks. If you find any oddities and are interested in helping us in correcting them, please contact us back.

you has tell me... after call over German.

>>>>since it has not to do with the release itself.

Swedish <> German ? LOL



We speak Swedish nativiely so yes, it is a differance :)

But as mentioned to Carl, he should contact us if he's interested.

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