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Overall visual style

I know that this won't come as a welcome message ... but I prefer the visual look and feel of Helium 11 to the new visual style of Helium 12. For one thing, I really don't like monochrome buttons. I (like I suspect many others) cue off of colors as much as or more than shapes. I also preferred having the buttons across the top rather than down the side of the screen. Plus, the elimination of pop up labels makes it more difficult to determine just what some of those icons mean. I'm not sure yet (I've only been playing with HMM12 for a few days), but it seemed like there was far more ability to customize precisely how the screens looked in HMM11; maybe I'm wrong and I just can't find the ways to modify the layout.

Thus, I guess my question is whether or not HMM12 will support some kind of "skin" to allow a user to make the program look like HMM11?

Thanks, would still require a large amount of changes to be possible.

I would suggest that you open a new request for this light-theming since we have decided to not implement a Helium 11 theme as originally requested.

Well there are lots of possibilities - here's just a very quick and dirty mock-up, only for the navigation pane.


(53.4 KB)

@Michael: Sorry, my question was for Sven and related to a light-skinning engine only since we have no plans to implement a full skinning engine.

I don't have any visual mockups, but just compare the flat, black & white look of the icons in HMM 12 to the slightly colorful icons in HMM 11.

The pictures are of standard types so that should not be an issue (png, jpg, bmp etc. GIF is not allowed).

Just out of curiosity, any mocks that can be shown to what this could result in?

Hm, I don't see any troubles - of course all icons would need to have the correct format.

This might mean, that standard picture formats (jpg, gif, png) can't be used - I have no idea which picture-type is used for the icons (svg?)...

>>But getting a lightweight skinning-support, where colors can be edited and Icons be replaced, would be >>great.

i think that make Trouble.. (Dpi Awareness)

the Windows scaling will break and the UI is unreadable.


Well, I wouldn't need a complete skinning-support, where parts of the UI can be moved / dropped / added.

But getting a lightweight skinning-support, where colors can be edited and Icons be replaced, would be great.

The pink bar that widens the pane to show a label is very helpful. Not sure I would have figured that out without Infusion's help.

You can also toggle collapsed/expanded with of the left pane via View > Navigation pane full witdth

We will review if tooltips can be added though

 Maybe it should be said that clicking in the vertical pink stripe (left of the icon), shows icon names.

Can you at least provide an option for color icons or pop up labels over the icons?

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your feedback.

Helium 12 was re-designed mainly to make controls a little bigger and be more responsive to the end-users scalefactor in Windows, something many users have requested.

Another big point was also that it should have a more common look compared to the new version of the Streamer and vice versa.

Some configrations like moving around panes is not possible in Helium 12, compared to how it was in Helium 11. Some panes are gone because they are longer needed, the Quick tag editor is one example of that since you can now use in-place editing directly in a grid.

At the moment we have no plans to expose a skinning engine, nor creating a Helium 11 theme. Sorry.

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