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crashing after saving tags. but tags are saved

1) Does this occur after any tagging operation (which tag editor?)

2) Does it occur with English language?

I just tested it and could not reproduce it.

If possible, please report it via the integrated bug reporter.


so tested on slovak version, try to send report but after click on send it is closed. tag editor in interprets. wait a minute i test english version

same in english version. and try send bug report and after send i have windows error with Helium stopped working and only usable button is end program

Thanks for reporting. Seems to be view related, it works from the tracklist view (Music Explorer for example) but generates a crash from other views link the Albums view.

We will analyse this further and provide a fix.

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Please retry with build helium_12.0.14248.0.exe now released.

crashing solved, good work.

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