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Sorting releases on artist details / label details

 > Please note that the sorting for releases will be overridden due to grouping in the

> Artist details view, where Releases ordering will be applied.

Sorry, but this is really bad and frustrating...

I really need sorting in these groups - I can hardly find anything on these pages.



Thanks. We will test this further tomorrow.

Release ordering is set up to:

1. Anthology

2. Album

3. Live performance

There are three album artists in this database:


Die Toten Hosen

Guns N' Roses

a-ha and Die Toten Hosen have by accident the correct order, but Guns N' Roses does not.

In fact the release types are sorted alphabetically by the first release in their group.

For example a-ha:

Anthology: 25

Album: East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Live performance: Ending on a High Note

(25 < East < Ending)

Opposed to Guns N' Roses:

Album: "The Spaghetti Incident"

Anthology: Greatest Hits

Live performance: Live Era '87-'93

("The < Greatest < Live)

Reproduction details please. If needed, attach a small db with a test scenario.
This breaks release type ordering again...

 Please retry with build helium_12.0.14248.0.exe (available via Update checker)

I made some changes which in theory should be able to reuse the defined sorting for the Album view (not 100% tested though)

This actually works as designed so it is not a bug. Multi-level sorting cannot be supported because of grouping but one level custom sorting should be possible. Can you please move this to feature requests for proper tracking?
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