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storing settings in view

in artist view, there are 3 options for view: thumbnails, cards and split. if I set cards, after restart it goes back to thumbnails. (also in releases, artists and labels). is possible change setting from per session to storing setting?

Implemented in

(Releases view and artists view)

hmm i tested it now and not working

Can you please be a bit more specific of what's not working?

During our tests it was remembered between sessions.

settings in artist view works as before: i set it to cards, but after restart it is back to thumbnails. so for me remembering not working

Are you sure that you downloaded and installed build 14259?

I tested this:

1) Selected Artists view

2) Selected card view

3) Restarted Helium 12 

Helium 12 started with the Artist view active and card view selected.

yes, definitely 14259 instaled. and i close app with artist view and after restart it started with releases view

Can you please try to delete helium.json to see if it helps?
I try it later, give feedback here

Please retry with build 14260 which contains some minor fixes

same in 14260, not working. im trying to find helium.json but in helium12 folder i cannot find file with that name

which Folder?

user/appdata/roaming/Imploded Software/Helium 12


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so remove helium.json is not right medicine, settings is not stored (and thanx EWeiss for help)

I have tried to reproduce this on two different Win10 machines, but with no luck. The view is properly restored and the last view-mode button is restored. Can you share some screenshots of how it looks: 1) Before you close 2) After restart Thanks

>>settings is not stored

Settings are stored only after Close Helium and start again.

i hope that help.


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