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Update Library

The 'update library' dialog box in Helium 11 allowed for selection of folders and sub-folders from the added folders list Helium 12 shows only added folders, which makes it inconvenient to update a large library when all you want to do is update a folder where 10-20 tracks have been added. Instead, I now have to update a folder that contains 20k tracks.

Can you bring this old feature back? Thanks.

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I would like to see this also be added as a feature in Music Explorer -> Library.

In Helium 11 we could easily right-click a folder and select "Update folder...".

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We will analyse if something similar in function to what existed in Helium 11 can be implemented.

This can now be tested in:

Please use this version with care - it is an alpha release which is not fully tested!

Yes please make the operation as similar as possible and to the same extent as with HMM 11.

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