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Scripts delete multiple tags on FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files

Scripts might delete multiple tags!!!

I've seen that my albums miss the release-type after using "Calculate Music Key" or "Calculate AcoustID".

So I took a closer look, and I realized that there are more tags missing on FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files... O_O

Missing tags are:

* Release type

* Grouping

* Studio

* Catalog number

* Part of series

* Involved people

* Musician credits

* Popularity

* Quality

* Artist url

* Radio url

* Label url

* Buy CD url

* Audio file url

* Lyrics

* Biography

* Attached pictures

* Album artist sort order

* Original artist

* Original title

* Original lyricist

* Original filename

* Original year

* Album version

* File owner

To check this bug you can use the attached files and run the "Calculate AcoustID" script against them.

Everything works fine with MP3 files.

(28.3 KB)

Verified and fixed for next build, thanks for reporting



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