Helium 12 now released

We are happy to announce the final version of Helium 12!

You can read more about this release in our blog at:


This update is frustrating! The dramatic change of the user interface is painful. It looks like you followed the VATH interface, which I didn't like the moment that I opened it. What I liked about HMM in the first place was the amazing versatility and efficiency of the DB type layout. Unless that interface comes into Version 12, I will stay with v11.

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Hi Andy,

Sorry you don't like it. We are aware that it's a drastic change but we have had positive feedback during our alpha and beta tests and also now after the full version has been released. We have received some constructive feedback also which we have partly already incorporated into Helium 12 and some which we are still working on.

Could you please let us know which specific "DB type layout" you refer to?

Absolutly! Please bring back the original interface. Its ok if you hide it, but at least make it available for those of us who have been with you for a long time. I have walked away from other music managers because they dumbed down the interface too much to be useful. HMM has always been the place that I call home because of its powerful interface.

I might get use to a new user interface, but not as an administrator of a large music database/library. The idea of trying to use this limited interface to 'manage' 20,000+ music files is way beyond scary. 

This change was too much...

When it comes to managing a large library, the last thing that the administrator needs is a pretty interface. I choose power over pretty any day.

You can configure many of the views in Helium 12 to be very similar (but not exactly) like in Helium 11 and prior. Was there any specific view in Helium 11 that you used the most (Music Explorer, Album browser, Artist browser, Labels, Music Browser - MiB) ?

The interesting thing is, v11.5 was the perfect mix of both--power and pretty. There is no need to redevelop v12. Just make it able to access the v11.5 database without having to update it. That would resolve my issues immediately.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Do you want to use your Helium 11 database in Helium 12? This is possible by importing your old database (http://support.imploded.com/solution/articles/9000076911-importing-helium-11-databases).

I live inside the v11.5 music explorer interface view, and I rarely change from it. Give me that.

The topmost view in Helium 12 (called Music Explorer here also) is the new version of this view. Is there anything specific that you miss in this view that you used in Helium 11?

I don't want to 'import' the v11.5 into v12 and use v12 exclusively. I want to open the v11.5 DB inside v12 without changing the structure in any way...so that I can switch back and forth between the 11.5 and v12 apps.

OK, that's not possible I'm afraid since Helium 12 needs to make changes to the database which are not backwards compatible with Helium 11.

Miss? I miss EVERYTHING! All you have to do is open both versions to see an immediate difference!

So then I stay with v11.5. V12 is too much of a difference and would cause a dramatic and painful slowdown to my workflow...

The Music Explorer contains root nodes for different tag fields. This is the same as in Helium 11. We can review if improvements can be made if we get specific requests. Please give us suggestions in the corresponding forums in that case.

Thanks for your input.