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Alexa Voice Service for Amazon Echo

My family and I have been using an Amazon Echo for a little bit more than a year, We bought it out of curiosity, but in many ways Alexa has become somewhat of a member of our family.


The integration of the Alexa Voice Service with our installation of Helium 12 would be very cool.

"Alexa. Play all Grateful Dead music from Helium."

Amazon Developer - Alexa

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Do you want to stream music from Amazon? Or do you just want to control Helium by voice?


Streaming music from Amazon is inherent to the Amazon Echo. So what I'm after is the ability to control Helium by voice.

Now, if Helium can/could access, organize and play music files stored in the various "Cloud" storage services (Amazon's Cloud, Google's Drive, Microsoft's OneDrive, DropBox, etc.) that would make Helium pretty much perfect. That would overcome some of Amazon's proprietary nature, and really broaden the the Echo's, Alexa's, and the cloud service's capabilities.

You might need to provide Alexa with the ability to differentiate between files with the same names/titles but on different albums, or in different locations on one's computer, and cloud storage folders. Based on my current level of experience with Alexa I can foresee the following conversation with Alexa:

Me: Alexa. Play the Grateful Dead's, Truckin."

Alexa: Okay. Hmmm... Would you like to hear the version of Truckin' from the Grateful Dead's American Beauty album, or from their RFK album?

Me: From the American Beauty album.

Alexa. Okay. Would you like me to play the file which is stored locally on your computer, or the one stored on Google Drive?

Me: Google Drive.

We have analysed the cost and time to implement support for this and this is becoming a bit to huge for the function it will result in.

Thank you for your consideration of my suggestion.

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