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having black texts on white background (and not white text on black bg)


i do not know why you chose to have user interface in "black-grey background with white text". it hurts the eyes and not just me, it is a natural reaction for a lot of people.

i think you should read that :

helium got a lot of tabs and arrays and grids user controls, so it hurts a lot when you start reading with concentration, even in light room. i reapeat, it is not just me, it is natural body reaction.

As a long time computer user and developper, i find only ONE sofware kind where white on black is userful : graphics and video editing.

and sometimes, some linux shell windows (only little one, on very big screens, never on fullscreen)

so, having a way to switch of even choose the color of background and text would be VERY "welcoming".

Have you tried the light theme which uses black text on white background?

That function does what you are requesting.


i searched in the menus but i did not find this feature to switch the color theme, where is it ?

also, i noticed there is no offline help (to search by keyword) like a .help file on windows.

Please see the Visual section in this link:

And no, we have no offline help and currently no plans to implement one neither (same as for the old Helium versions)

thank you a lot !

it runs for me !

good feature ! must be a default one (in light them i mean) !

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