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have information about picture source


i import a part of my library without check the box to get the picture from files.

but, when i broswe the music explorer, i can see some allbum have a picture !

so i wonder why ? where did that come from ?

it will be userfull to know whenever it is a picture from tag file, from a no-hidden folder.jpg file, from a hidden file, from a system file (as windows folders can have it own picture).

in the contextual menu, i saw 4 options about "picture", maybe a submenu "covert art album information  " would be good...

Helium always read pictures from disk during an add operation. If you select to also read from tags you can get more result but it will result in slower reading. The number of pictures you are seeing are the number of attached pictures per-file which can be used as a search argument or such. > a submenu "covert art album information " What should this option do more on detail? Can you please describe how the data involved looks before and after this command is invoked?

a simple msgbox (alertbox..) would be enough :

Picture information :

resolution : 600x500 pixel
format : jpeg / bmp..etc
location : id3tag or file disk
statut : classic file (like visible folder.jpg in the folder)  /  hidden file (like .something or albumfile thumbnail or system folder picture)

moreover, a file can contains many album art picture (front, back,..etc)

Just explore what mp3tag (freeware)  managed to do...

>>Just explore what mp3tag (freeware)  managed to do...

I assume this is per-file then and not per-album?

If so, have you tried to select one or more files and press Ctrl+P (properties)?

It will show in-detail information about attached pictures.

We plan to implement this as it was in Helium 11, a separate tab in file properties for attached pictures.

A new tab, Attached pictures, is available in the Properties dialog.

This tab will show a list with all pictures, their sizes as well as letting you view the original picture.


can we search files by filtering about picture size ? by example find all the file with a 1000x1000 pixels album art ?

>>can we search files by filtering about picture size ? by example find all the file with a 1000x1000 pixels album art ?

This is not possible since those details are not stored in the database and therefore are not available for searches.

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