New beta version of Helium 12 available (12.0.14303)

Read all details about it as well as download it from the following url:

Updated to this beta and I'm still having one really annoying issue--- I added a folder to my music library (one artist with 147 tracks in 12 albums) and when I click the artist node to see the albums it takes Helium approximately 5-7 minutes to display the album view. It seems that every artist that I add (File/add music/add files to library) exhibits this long delay after it's scanned in. Yesterday I (very, very slowly) tagged and renamed all the albums which worked, and the albums seem to play fine. It's just that every time I click that artist node it sits... and sits... and sits.

Hi Walt, Which database type are you using? Also.please let us know hown many tracks and artists your database contains.

Thanks for the reply. I'm using the default database (sql server compact). I have 35,431 tracks in 657 artists (3007 albums). The artist nodes are pretty slow to display the albums for every artist (it takes several seconds), but for the ones I've added since the initial setup scan it takes the 5-7 minutes. My computer is pretty good (overclocked Skylake i7, 16gb RAM, GeForce 980ti, etc.) so I know that's not the issue. All my media is stored on NAS boxes, but this was never an issue with older versions of Helium.

Oh, I should note it was exhibiting the same behavior on the initial 'official' release of Helium as well.

Hi Walt,

This is most likely related to calculation of statistics per artist, which runs slow on a Sql Compact database with quite many tracks.

We are reviewing the possiblity to inactivate this calculation for a future release, to solve it right now you can change to another database type such as MySql.

We made some comparissons on query times related to this function:

-Sql Compact with 30.000 tracks > 8.2 seconds

MySql with the same data > 0.36 ms

I switched to mysql and added an album to an existing artist and it was MUCH more responsive than before, closer to previous version of Helium in terms of speed. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great to hear that it solved the performance issue Walt, thanks for the update.

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