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Sorting of multiple CDs does not work as expected


the sorting for releases with multiple CDs does not work.

Especially with releases with more than 10 CDs, like audiobooks.

It sorts after like this






See screenshot.

Tags are filled in correctly. In Helium 11 this was no problem.



(1.19 MB)

Thanks, we will analyse this further. 

This is most likely a side-effect of the free grouping that now can be applied to the tracklists unde Album details

Sorry but I still have the same problem (Releases View).

And it is also present in MUSIC EXPLORER > LIBRARY > TREE. (See picture).

(7.54 KB)

Thanks for contacting us Maik.

Can you please share a small database with us which can be used to reproduce this issue?

This will be corrected in our next release which will hopefully be released in a few days.

@Infusion: Can you share a screenshot/small database where this occurs in the album details? The fix only applies to that view so far.

Sorry, but I wasn't taking about album detail. I'm refering to releases view. Maybe you would prefer that a new thread would be opened.

Attached is the releases view of the same boxset from my previous picture.

Yes, please open a new thread about that since this thread relates to grouping the Album details.


(123 KB)

The issue has been reproduced and we are working on a solution.

Helium 13 shows this error again.

The discs are not sorted correctly.

Regards maik

Please provide a revised screenshot so that we can analyse this more in detail.

Thanks in advance.

Just look at the screenshot in my first post message.

It looks totally the same

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