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New Statistic: Bar Chart by YEAR

 I would like to see the distribution by year of my entire collection. Something looking like "Played Weeks" in "Listening Habits", but by year in collection instead.

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From my point of view: perfect! ;-)


Beta 3:
Releases by release year still shows track count. Either rename the graph to Tracks by release year or use release count.
As mentioned before, I prefer the latter. ;-)


If the database comes from an old Helium version it might be caused by this. Someway back in time (Helium 10.x something) album summary updates was not always properly executed, something that was corrected in Helium 11.

The best idea I got is that you create a script that executes some SQL per-album that will update the item count (possibly)

Well I thought releases by release year would show the count of releases, but it does in fact show tracks by release year - I would really prefer to see the release count in this chart...

Then I tried to check the values against my database with this:
SELECT relyear, Count(Detail_ID) FROM `tbldetail` WHERE relyear > 0 GROUP BY relyear ORDER BY relyear ASC

This gave me different values than Helium did.

But now I've realized that you're using this:
SELECT ReleaseYear, SUM(TotalItems) FROM `tblalbums` WHERE ReleaseYear > 0 GROUP BY ReleaseYear ORDER BY ReleaseYear ASC

Which creates the same values as Helium does, so there's somewhere somehow a discrepancy between my tracks and album tables...

So the question mark above my head does not mean "Where do you get your values?" anymore, but "Why is there a discrepancy in my database?"... ;-)

@Sven: Typo fixed for next build. A new tab will not be created for now.

>>Now I have a big question mark above my head...

Not sure what to do with this one, I did some quick tests which seemed correct. Bad data in database?

Any reproduction possible?

Well, there are 228 releases in my database with release year "2009", but despite of that, Helium shows 5033 items in "2009"...
I guessed there are 5033 tracks with release year "2009", but in fact there are 4921...

Now I have a big question mark above my head...


There's a typo: "Releases by recording year" should read "Tracks by recording year".
Maybe add a new tab "Collection timelines"?!

Besides that, the result looks great.
It's not necessary, it all ok now. Thanks.


Please retest with:

I do not have enough decades in my test databases to get the same effect as you, so if some issue remains, possibly you can share your DB with me ? 

1. Having too many decades to deal with, years appear averlaid each other. Vertical text will look better. (see picture)

2. I would like to see the horizontal lines (same Added Trends pattern), so it gets easier to read.

(6.96 KB)

Implemented in:

(General statistics tab)

@Sven: Yes, these stats makes sense I think.

Releases by Release Year
SELECT ReleaseYear, COUNT(Album_ID) FROM `tblalbums` WHERE ReleaseYear > 0 GROUP BY ReleaseYear ORDER BY ReleaseYear ASC

and Tracks by Recording Year

SELECT recyear, Count(Detail_ID) FROM `tbldetail` WHERE recyear > 0 GROUP BY recyear ORDER BY recyear ASC

would be my wish to see.


It would be another way to see the same thing, though (in numbers). In fact it would be nice to know how many tracks I have been adding by year (in this case just numbers would be enough for me). So, if it doesn't hurt, added date could be also nice.


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