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Multiple pictures in tags

After tagging the front cover in advanced tag editior it seems that the pictures are doubled.

(123 KB)

old file


newer tag



I tried to reproduce this the following way with build 14315:

1) Created a new database

2) Added the "old file" to it

3) Opened the file with the Advanced Tag Editor with Helium 12, it contains 4 attached pictures. Helium 11 has some bug, since it only shows one picture in Properties and the Advanced Tag Editor, 4 pictures can be verified via a hex-editor.

4) Removed all but the first pictures and saved the changes

5) Verified with Properties in Helium 12 and a hex-editor that only one picture exists

6) Re-opened the file with the Advanced Tag Editor, one picture shown

7) Changed Label and saved

I now verified via Properties and a hex-editor that only one pic exists, so it is not doubled.

Did you made any steps different to me when you tested (external tagging etc)?

Thanks, please let me know if I missed some step or such.

Sorry somehow it's doubled.

Added a new album Watch about album artist Seeed Seeed

That's why there were as many various artists for unknown reason!

 I found in tags were front back artist front back artist = 6 covers! Al 2 times. It's not goog to see as we need to scroll 3 pictures down.

deleted all pictures!

tagging a front cover

After tagging the result are 2 entries!

Good thing is various artist is gone!!!

I still found 2 entries of the same picture.
Hm, some is still wrong.

added one album. Watch out for album artist Seeed Seeed.


That's why I have so many various albums for unknown reasons

I found 6 pictures inside! Not good to see for scolling reasons front back artist front back artist. each with the same name.



125 : added a new album - watch out for album artist Seeed Seeed.
127: That's why I found so many albums with various artist for unknown reasons.
126: I found 6 pictures inside: front back artist front back artist - each with the same name. (Not good to see as it's a scrolling probem
131: deleted all pictures
132: added one picture.
133: one picture inside and tag ....
134: 2 pictures shown!!!!
135: Good: various artist is gone
136: BUT still Seeed Seeed in album artist!!!
137: MP3TAG: Album artist is corrected! - but not shown under Helium!
but two front pictures are still tagged not good to see (it's 1/2)


(325 KB)
(227 KB)
(158 KB)
(369 KB)
(241 KB)
(389 KB)
(267 KB)
(319 KB)
(159 KB)
(232 KB)
Oops. Now my post is doubled. Sorry.


Quick q: Since this seems to give other behaviour than the file you shared with Me first, can you then share one or all of these files so that I can test this exact case tomorrow? Also, please let me know if you could reproduce it with the file you send to Me. Thanks
Sorry. Picture 137 was another album (but same problem).

that's the correct album:
138: album artist is correct shown and ONE picture only.
139: second track. Two pictures.
140: this track has only one picture too like first track. 10 others have 2 pictures. Very strange. I tagged it all at once with one picture (133).


Note: pictures 138-140: same pictures shown under Helium as under MP3tag.


I did several more tagging. Even one albums not tagged in MP3tag or Hellium before.
It's strange. some files have one, some two and rarely some four of the same cover. I am talking about tagging one full album at once and it is a mixture!




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