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Add to library tool (More flexible interface / DragnDrop folders from file explorer)

 Is it possible to implement drag-n-drop folders from a file explorer to the select folder window of the add to library tool? It would turn things easier. HMM11 had a much more friendly interface since we saw all tree being able to click the folders that we want to. Similar behavior would sure be welcome.

Sorry but it was not implemented the useful way.
I would place all the new folders in the right places.
Then these folders would be drag and dropped to the add to library tool window, without moving files in any way, just the source path would be taken.
The way it is implemented it moves folders, so I have to move them all to the same place and to add them I would have to include the parent folder, which may have a lot of other albums already included.


I think you need to provide a picture of what you request, I do not fully understand which exact function you request from your description.

Please note that we will not implement a tree like in Helium 11.

The implementation matches "Is it possible to implement drag-n-drop folders from a file explorer to the select folder window of the add to library tool?" meaning that you can drop one or more folders to this tool.

I can't think about a picture that could explain it better.
1. I would move all folders to definitive places in my collection
Adding a lot of albums is a pain, because you have to browse to each folder to include it.
2. So, drag and drop would be useful to include all folder sources of the albums that are about to be added.
But they are already in the right place, so there is no move in this operation. Only path is captured by HMM in order to include them all at once.
Please ask if you are still not satisfied with my explanation.


Sorry, i'm still not sure about what your actual request is about :) Can you describe what you would like to drag and where from (the source) and the target as well as the expected result and what the difference compared with todays solution is? If possible, please describe the paths involved in the source and the target.

I don't want to complicate things, so in complement that it was already said:

Suppose you want to add 50 albums. The way it is now, you have to browse to each folder (the folders are already in the right places, but are spread all over the collection tree, so it is a pain).

What I want to do is place the folders in their right places, just as it is now, but instead of having to browse all these folders one by one using the add tool, I want to drag and drop all these folders from a external file explorer. There is no move of files in the process, when I drag and drop the folders to the add tool window, HMM would know the sources that I want to include, only that.

I should be able to drag and drop 5, then more 5, then more 1, them 3, then more 10.
When all 50 album source folders are dropped, then I can include all at once.

Hope that it is clear now. If not, please ask.
But since I added the possibility to drag and drop one or more folders from Windows Explorer, why does not that work?
Because there is no advantage if I will have to browse to all those folders using the add tool window, one by one.


>> if I will have to browse to all those folders using the add tool window, one by one.

Not sure if you read what I actually implemented but with the most recent version, 14350, you can do this:

1) Open the Add music tool

2) Open a Windows Explorer

3) Select one or more folders from Windows Explorer

4) Drag and drop these folders to the Add music tool

The folders you have dropped will now be listed in the same way as if you clicked the Add button.

Yes, 14350 is the version that I'm using now. But for some reason I'm having very frequent crashes, having to delete helium.json.

I wan't to check all over again but I won't be able to do it now. Will answer later.

The problem was that I didn't know where to drop it.
I was clicking in ADD button first, and then dropping in the following window. This caused the folders to get moved.

Then, dropping the folders in the window (picture attached, since inserting was not working), it works as expected.
Sorry for the confusion.
(11.6 KB)
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