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Add 'Untagged items' back to music explorer

Seems to be missing in Helium 12. I used this feature frequently to identify missing tags. For now I have created Smart Playlists to identify these but it would be nice if it was built in like Helium 11.

 Yes, it was a basic tool in HMM11 for me either.

However, I am very disappointed that this function is only installed again in version 13.

I bought version 10, then version 11, then version 12. Version 12 has clearly less features than version 11!  So that we have more functions, we should wait for the 13th and pay again! Again, again and again...

@Christian: This was not possible to implement in version 12, therefore the entire Music Explorer was rewritten for version 13 to support older as well as new nodes.

For the many of our users that paid for version 11 they had not to pay for version 12 depending on when they bought version 11. Just as for earlier releases of Helium.

The same will apply to paying users which quite purchased version 12 which falls into the free update time span.

Also, please note that version 12 comes with new features that was not available in version 11 but just as you say some excluded features.

Mark as planned but needs further reviewing before we can promise a solution.

This will appear in Helium 13's rewritten Music Explorer

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