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When viewing smart playlists the entire list is loaded causing performance issues

When I view a smart playlist with a lot of tracks (3000+) it is trying to loaded the entire list causing performance issues. It is really slow to load, even though SQL is returning the query in less than a second. Even when it does load scrolling through the list is very laggy and Chrome crashes from time to time.

It would be nice if it loaded only the first 60 tracks as it does in the track view.

We did want to implement it like this but since a smart playlist can be randomised it is kind of difficult to create paginations that would work without returning the same tracks multiple times.

We will look into which solutions that might work, though, since we are aware of the problems. In the meantime you might want to experiment with setting a limitor on the smart playlist and select to randomize the result (all this is done in the actual smart playlist Helium 12).

Thanks for the quick response. It does help randomizing it and limiting it to 1000 tracks and will work for now. I will say the performance has significantly dropped when viewing large lists of tracks when comparing to Helium 2. I also want to add great work so far on the new versions! I am loving the new interfaces and added scripting functionality.

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