Helium 12.0.4 beta now available (build 12.0.14349)

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Good fixes and improvements, though I have a consistently reproducible crash: If I go into an artist node and click all tracks (in my case it was about 90 tracks total), select all the tracks, then go to tools/rename, Helium crashes immediately. If I go into the albums one at a time and rename the tracks it doesn't crash.

Hi Walt,

We could not reproduce this behavior during our tests. Can you please open a new Bug report ticket with all reproduction steps and database information used during your test.

We tried to reproduce this with a MySql database and a Sql Compact database.


Since yesterday's Beta release, I am unable to load the program. Crashed immediately after reading play queue.

Thanks, removing the  helium.json, file did the trick

Since this Beta the right sidebar always open "Lyrics". I must close at every startup of Helium.
Could i turn it off, or is there a bug?



Please report the full problem description into a bug report so that we can review it further.

Also, please include information if you are using the docked Play queue or not.

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